South Kesteven is centrally located and straddles some of the UK’s main North-South infrastructure – the A1 and the East Coast Main Line – as well as the Birmingham to Peterborough line, which passes through Stamford, and which is an important (and one of the few) East-West routes.

South Kesteven is just 70 minutes by train from London and about the same from Leeds. Nottingham, with a population of over 325,000, is just 35 minutes away – providing excellent access to shopping, entertainment and sporting venues. To the South, Peterborough and Cambridge are also easily accessible.

As well as four very different market towns, the district also boasts natural attraction with countryside appeal. Landscapes and medieval castles are still intact and preserved for visits. Examples of this are the Belvoir Castle and the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton at Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham.

We provide some of the best schools and colleges in the East Midlands with the second best GCSE results for districts in Lincolnshire. Six universities are all within just 60 minutes reach.

Culturally, we have two world-class festivals in the autumn – the week-long Gravity Fields Festival in Grantham, which was inspired by the district’s most famous son, Sir Isaac Newton, is South Kesteven District Council’s biggest event. Gravity Fields alternates each year with Stamford’s Georgian festival, which attracts tens of thousands of people over four days to England’s first conservation town.

The district has a lot to offer, but, what mostly attracts people is the quality of education, beautiful countryside, low crime rates, as well as the relatively low housing costs that are less than the national average in many areas.

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